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Saving Water :iconoddlittledesires:OddLittleDesires 14 8
Mature content
Piece by piece Chapter 1 :iconcuteeze:cuteeze 15 5
Mature content
Deflowered :iconxyzzy2112:xyzzy2112 35 26
Mature content
It happens... again? :iconsparklingpotato15:SparklingPotato15 7 1
Limb potion
I had just come back from the magic shop and I was getting pretty excited. I knew Betty was going to be waiting for me and the potion back home so that probably didn't help to calm my visible excitement. 
I opened the door and snuck my head inside.
"Guess who's baaaaack?" I shouted out to her.
She gasped. "Finally! I couldn't wait for you to get here, I just couldn't focus on studying anymore." She had left her room and was now standing in the doorway.
"Well you can go in peace now since I have..." I paused for dramatic effect. "This!" After shuffling through my bag, I presented her with a vial full of a translucid liquid.
"So what did you get?"
"Well I couldn't chose between 2 or 3 so I asked the guy to pick one without telling me, that way it still gets to be a surprise for both of us! He also removed the label, see?"
She took the vial to inspect it. The label had been meticulously peeled of the bottle so not a single piece of information remained on it.
"Only thing he did tell
:iconsparklingpotato15:SparklingPotato15 18 5
Simple Guide to Conjoinments by crackspid3r Simple Guide to Conjoinments :iconcrackspid3r:crackspid3r 239 119
Why Not? - Part 1
(WARNING! The following text contains elements of Transformation/Detachable Bodies/Mad Science. If you do not care for any of the aforementioned topics, just leave.)
You're a what?" I screamed over the rowdy bar. It was getting pretty late, so there were drunken idiots everywhere, making a huge ruckus. It was hard to hear what he was saying.
"A -----!!" He grinned at me, with a strange look in his eyes. As I stared at the odd bartender across the countertop, looking deep into his eyes, it was as if there was a slight twinkle. I still couldn't hear what he was saying though. "Do you want to -------?!"
"Want to what?!" I shouted back. He shook his head, unable to hear my voice. He grabbed my arm and started motioning for us to leave.
I shrugged, pounded back the rest of my drink, and let him lead the way. He was pretty cute, but I hoped he wasn't one of those crazy guys… I probably shouldn't even have followed him. I probably wouldn't have, if I hadn't been drunk.  Looking
:iconhogablah02:hogablah02 123 2
Mature content
Tom's Pillow part 1 :icondenkira7:denkira7 46 8
Why Not? - Part 3
(WARNING! The following text contains elements of Transformation/Mad Science. If you do not care for any of the aforementioned topics, just leave.)
(This takes place after Why Not? - Classified 1, if you give half a damn about continuity. It probably doesn't really matter.)
"Good morning. How was last night?" Art asked as I entered the door. I had just gotten to the Artificer's lab that morning, after a night of vigorous… experimentation.
"W-what do you mean?" I blushed nervously.
"The portalization serum. Does it work well? Oh, and did you happen to find out how long it lasts?"
"Oh… right. It works very… very well." My face must have been lit up bright red, thinking about what I had done last night. "And sorry, I didn't get the time… I did wake up in one piece this morning though, and couldn't pull myself apart anymore."
"Ah, that's a damn shame. Oh well! I guess you'll just have to try it out again to find the duration."
"Um… sure." Oh my god, I can't even im
:iconhogablah02:hogablah02 120 9
Vk-en-04-17 by zephyronze
Mature content
Vk-en-04-17 :iconzephyronze:zephyronze 4 0
Mature content
Magical Cream 9 :iconstriker12163:Striker12163 73 8
Mature content
A day in the life... (part 3) :icondiscoandrea:discoandrea 10 2
Mature content
A day in the life... (part 4) :icondiscoandrea:discoandrea 10 2
Mature content
A day in the life... (part 2) :icondiscoandrea:discoandrea 17 2
11 The reveal
It has now been a couple of weeks since my last operation.  I'm completely lucid, and also infection free. I apparently should feel better now that I am free of all the toxins, but, as I'm yet to figure out my new normal, all I can say is I feel a bit less crap.  As I am still in ICU the only visitors I have are Mitch and my parents.  They visited again today, apparently they’ve been here every day.
They look like they haven’t slept much and have cried a lot. But they keep it together in front of me. Telling me it'll be ok, how strong I am, what a fighter I am. How proud they are. I just keep thinking that they're not talking to me; that they're reading from a script. I know my mum will cry again when she leaves, it’s obvious that she has been doing a lot of this lately.
Mitch escorts them out, as much to get away himself I think. He is not good at sitting still and being stuck in here with me must be almost killing him.  All I can do is lie here,
:iconcuteeze:cuteeze 12 5


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